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Seniors are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects caused by interactions between prescription drugs, often dispensed by multiple pharmacies. As many as 200,000 North Carolina seniors are in need of medication counseling services, and many more would benefit from cheaper access to needed drugs.

The total investment for the Medication Assistance Program is $15.4 million. Funded at $8.9 million over three years, the first phase of grants was awarded to 23 community-based organizations in October 2002 to educate seniors on medication use and possible drug interactions through “brown bag” evaluations; identify optimum prescription drug coverage options for seniors and other low-income citizens; and enroll seniors in comprehensive disease management programs. Funded at $5.3 million over two years, the second phase of these grants was awarded to 49 community-based organizations in April 2004.

Funded at $610,000 over three years, technical assistance for these grantees is provided by the Office of Research, Demonstrations and Rural Health (ORDRHD) of the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

The UNC School of Public Health is conducting an outcomes analysis of this program. North Carolina A & T University is performing a concurrent evaluation of the program's impact amongst minority populations.

RFP for Medication Assistance Program Phase II - Due 03/22/04  CLOSED
RFP for Medication/Disease Management and Prescription Drug Access for NC Seniors - Due 09/27/02  CLOSED

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