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The NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund logo and name are important parts of your written, visual, and verbal communications with your target group.  They are also crucial elements when communicating with the larger community, the region, governmental organizations, and mass media.  It is critical that the public recognizes HWTF as the funding source for the good work you are doing in your communities.  The logo, both graphic image and text, are strong visual cues to the public that: (a) build awareness of that this is a state-wide initiative, (b) create name familiarity for the HWTF, and (c) allow public and legislators to see where and how Trust Fund dollars are being used.  Verbally employing the name NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund during press interviews, at public events, and in meetings ensures that other writers will incorporate the name in their publications.  

The HWTF logo cannot be altered with the exception of being reproduced in black/white/and grey tones on a black and white document.  Otherwise, the text, font, colors, and graphic image must be used as provided by HWTF.  Do not divide the text portion of the logo from the graphic portion.  The logo can be enlarged or reduced, but proportions should remain in tact.

Required Placement of Logo
Place the HWTF logo on the front lower corner of one-sided printed materials and on the back lower corner of two-sided printed material. 

Required Use of Logo
The logo must be used on all publications that are being used specifically for work being funded by HWTF initiatives.  This applies especially to media developed with Trust Fund dollars.  It also applies to existing materials that grantees use for this grant project.  Add the HWTF logo when reprinting/reproducing materials.

Examples of media required to show the logo include, but are not limited to:
Posters, pamphlets, brochures, handouts, flyers and other announcements, invitations, videos, presentations, published reports.

Encouraged Use of Logo
Press releases, event banners, give-aways (i.e. pedometers, pencils, pads, t-shirts), letterhead for your HWTF-funded project.

Discouraged Use of Logo
The HWTF logo should not be used in any way that implies that any member of your organization is an employee of the HWTF. Business cards, for example, are not an appropriate use for the logo unless they are formatted in a way that clearly portrays HWTF as the funding source rather than the employer. Project letterhead should likewise name HWTF as the funding source.

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