Prescription Drug Initiative
Teen Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Initiative
Medication Assistance Program
Obesity Initiative
Health Disparities Initiative
General Grants


Press Releases - 2002

     Grants awarded to Priority Population Initiatives - 12/18/02

     Grants awarded to Community/School Prevention Programs - 12/18/02

     Commission awards $9 Million in grants to fight teen tobacco use in NC - 12/18/02

     Local organizations awarded Prescription Drug Assistance Grants for seniors - 11/08/02

     Commission announces $8 million in grants to combat teen tobacco use - 08/19/02

     Commission announces $9 million in grants to promote safe medication use by seniors - 08/01/02

     Lt. Gov. to open teen tobacco use prevention meeting - 05/06/02

     Commission allocates funds to combat smoking - 05/01/02

     Commission hires executive director - 03/13/02

     Lt. Gov. to convene Health & Wellness Trust Fund Commission - 03/06/02

     Commission finalizes mission statement - 01/17/02


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